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  • Prison Break Hardcover Book

Prison Break Hardcover Book


In "Prison Break” Jeff T. Osborne reveals the seven common mistakes that trap individuals in the prison of people-pleasing. This powerful guide provides the keys to unlock the chains that have held you back for far too long.


Through these pages, readers will embark on a transformative journey to uncover their true selves. Jeff T. Osborne presents practical methods to break free from the clutches of people pleasing, guiding readers to the root causes of their imprisonment by others' opinions, desires, and needs.

With a focus on self-awareness, this book empowers readers to set boundaries that promote personal growth and enhance relationships. "Prison Break" is a roadmap to designing a life that is authentic, bold, and filled with love.


In this guide, you'll find the tools and insights needed to escape the prison of people pleasing, embrace your true identity, and create a life that is uniquely yours—a life that is both loud and large, and ultimately, deeply loved. You’ve waited long enough, it’s time for your Prison Break!

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